Universal Law for Idea Gas

Item no.: F09 Introduction To survey fundamental thermodynamics, experiment kit of thermal engine, build-in-piston and gas cylinder, is developed to investigate the relationship among gas pressure, volume and temperature. Here the essential experiments including Boyle’s law, Charles, Gay-Lussac’s law, combined gas law, as well as Carnot cycle will be performed in this subject. Through thermal

Resonance Tube Experiment

Item no.: F04 Introduction To survey the pipe-resonance of sound waves, a small amount of tiny Styrofoam balls is uniformly deposited in the transparent horizontal tube initially. And then related wave patterns of specific frequency, emitted from the loud-speaker, might be generated by regulating frequency-function generator. Just for sound resonance inside half open and half-closed

Standing Waves & Resonance

Item no.: F15 Introduction In nature, waves could be generalized into three major types, that is, mechanical wave, electromagnetic wave and matter wave. While compare to these wave styles the existence of mechanical wave, such as the photographs of spring, metal ring and mass-spring system demonstrated, is obvious much easier to be acknowledged. Especially, the

Ripple Tank Experiment

Item no.: F05 Introduction With the development of sound and hearing technology, such mechanical or digital device, widely applied in our daily lives, has attracted public interest and attention. By way of air medium, sound source, for example, conveying some specific frequency and amplitude could be easily detected by human ears, even the intensity is

Experiment of Venturi-Tube

Item no.: F14 Introduction it is generally designed as a venturi meter to measure the flow rate or flow velocity, includes liquid or gas, inside the piping system of varying cross-section. Base on the conservation of flow as well as mechanical energy (Bernoulli equation), i.e. V(flow velocity) x A( cross-section area) =constant and P (hydraulic

Determine the Young’s Module

Item no.: F13 Introduction The Young Modulus, named after Thomas Young (1773 to 1829) who was an outstanding British polymath in material fields, is usually used to define the proportionality of normal stress and normal strain for metal material subjected to external force. Such proportionality constant only prevails within the working region below elastic limit i.e.,

Compound Pendulum & Torsion Pendulum

Item no.: F12 Introduction Base on Newton’s second law and energy conservation, we will forward torque and rotational theory to study harmonic motions in reversal compound pendulum and torsion pendulum, which have been widely used in practical application such as torsion or pendulum clocks, crank system of engine, mechanical pressure gage, damping device and rotary