Fundamental Fluid Experiment

F03液壓 F03液體壓力-特寫1 F03液體壓力-特寫2 F03液體壓力-特寫3 F03液體壓力-特寫4 F03液體壓力-特寫5

Item no.: F03

Why does spring water come out the ground continuously? How does a ship bear large loads while sail on the sea? How did Archimedes test and figure out the material of pure gold? How does a magician put a needle through a ballon without explosion? That is due to some special physical features such as pressure, buoyancy, density and surface tension, etc that the liquid has. And which presenting a dominated role is primarily based on the working condition specified. Thus establishing a variety of experimental method and kit is still required to access the satisfied solution for individual demand. In this subject, the  proposed experiment is intended to familiarize the user with the liquids characteristic, and seek practical possibility for further application.


  1. Pressure experiment-communication tube, Venturi tube, lateral pressure, upward pressure, siphon, Pascal’s principles.
  2. Buoyancy experiment.
  3. Experiments of surface tension and capillarity of glass.
  4. Density experiment – Archimedes’ principle, solid density.

The buoyant force for a submerged object could be directly measured by reduced weight of object in the water. Here W0 indicates initial total weight (volumetric cylinder + submerged object + liquid), W1 means residual total weight after the liquid volume Vin is discharged out by immersed object.

Experiment—Water pressure observation

By way if air membrane immersed inside the given depth of liquid in right column, the compressed air from the membrane, connected to U-shaped tube, will induce different water-level and the difference might be amounted to hydraulic-pressure distributed at both side. Here the liquid density d and liquid-depth h are found to be both important parameters determining static local pressure P=h x d


  1. 連通管水位的變化實驗
  2. 文氏管與距離遠近水壓現象
  3. 水中頂部壓力的實驗
  4. 水中底部壓力的實驗
  5. 水中側面壓力的實驗
  6. 水中靜壓力與深度的實驗
  7. 水的側壓力觀察
  8. 水的上壓力觀察
  9. 浮力與漂浮實驗 – 沉體與浮體判別、沉體實驗、浮體實驗
  10. 阿基米德原理實驗
  11. 固體密度的測定
  12. 不同管徑毛細現象,水位上升觀察
  13. 平板玻璃毛細現象,水位上升觀察
  14. 虹吸管
  15. 帕斯卡原理實驗
  16. 表面張力實驗


  1. 直立式水槽含五個附蓋實驗用出水口,底端含滲水收集槽 x1
  2. 橫式水槽含二泡綿腳架 x1
  3. 侵入式水壓測量器附深度量尺 x1
  4. 液體上壓力實驗器 x1
  5. 吸附型開管氣壓測量器附刻度 x1
  6. 巴斯卡實驗演示器 x1
  7. 透明彈簧秤200g x 1
  8. L型及W型連通管
  9. 白努利實驗器 x1
  10. 長矽膠管 x1
  11. 阿基米德實驗儀x1
  12. 透明塑膠量筒50ml x 1
  13. 表面張力實驗組 x1
  14. 毛細現象測量用玻璃板附方格刻度 x2
  15. 毛細現象觀察用玻璃管 x3 附水槽 x1
  16. 同質量銅、鐵、鋁帶鉤金屬 x3,同體機銅、鐵、鋁帶鉤金屬 x3



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