Rubens Tube

Item no.: XWV830010 Description A truly exciting way to show the effect of sound waves in action the Rubens Tube really brings the topic to life in a way the students will never forget. The robust stainless steel welded construction means trouble free operation for many many years. The unit is shipped with full instructions and

Space Tube

Item no.: XWV690010 Description A modern replacement for the Bell in a Bell Jar Apparatus. A 90mm diameter acrylic tube houses a battery-operated, high output piezo sounder. When the end plates are attached and the unit connected to a vaccuum pump no sound can be heard but the sound returns when the air is allowed back


Item no.: 078 TIAC Computer Controlled Acoustic Impedance Tube/Acoustic Insulation Test Unit TDRC Computer Controlled Noise Control Demonstration Unit TEVC Computer Controlled Ventilation Trainer TCMC Computer Controlled Thermal Conductivity of Building and Insulating Materials Unit TSCAC Computer Controlled Air Duct Systems Unit    

Resonance Tube Experiment

Item no.: F04 Introduction To survey the pipe-resonance of sound waves, a small amount of tiny Styrofoam balls is uniformly deposited in the transparent horizontal tube initially. And then related wave patterns of specific frequency, emitted from the loud-speaker, might be generated by regulating frequency-function generator. Just for sound resonance inside half open and half-closed

Experiment of Venturi-Tube

Item no.: F14 Introduction it is generally designed as a venturi meter to measure the flow rate or flow velocity, includes liquid or gas, inside the piping system of varying cross-section. Base on the conservation of flow as well as mechanical energy (Bernoulli equation), i.e. V(flow velocity) x A( cross-section area) =constant and P (hydraulic