Ripple Tank Experiment

F05水波槽 F05水波槽-特寫20 F05水波槽-特寫16 F05水波槽-特寫6 F05水波槽-特寫15 F05水波槽-特寫9 F05水波槽-特寫1 F05水波槽-特寫3

Item no.: F05


With the development of sound and hearing technology, such mechanical
or digital device, widely applied in our daily lives, has attracted public
interest and attention. By way of air medium, sound source, for example, conveying some specific frequency and amplitude could be easily detected by human ears, even the intensity is in lower state. In this subject, substance- wave behavior for ripple experience on the water pool is designed and experimented.


In this subject, the water tank experiments are intended to produce different wave pattern depending on various geometry of actuator. Relevant ripple- experiment listed below will be surveyed.

  1. point wave
  2. straight wave
  3. wave’s reflection
  4. wave’s refraction
  5. wave’s diffraction
  6. wave’s interference
  7. reflection mirrors
  8. refractive lens
  9. Doppler effect
  1. The special designed product of aluminum and stainless behaves an easy-to-use characteristic, which makes the self-assemble accomplished, in five minutes, become possible.
  2. The primary LED irradiated source including white light, green light and blue light is enforced. Here Sine-wave signal source is used to configure free space wave-pattern, which could be also available in static and dynamical photo.
  3. By way of transparent projection board, ripple-profile might be promptly accessed with the paper drawing on above.
  4. Sparking frequency of irradiated source might be fitted while the photo is performed by IPHONE


  1. 演示點波
  2. 演示直線波
  3. 演示波的反射 – 反射擋板、凹凸面鏡
  4. 演示波的折射 – 玻璃梯型深淺波折射板、凹凸透鏡
  5. 演示波的繞射現象
  6. 演示波的干涉 – 干涉水波阻擋器、雙點波源


  1. 數位水波與閃頻控制器 x1
  2. 水波槽及投影屏 x1
  3. 三色高亮度LED光源投射器 x1
  4. 氣動點波源發射器含矽膠管 x2
  5. 18cm長直線波源產生器 x1
  6. 塑膠凹凸兩用面鏡 x1
  7. 塑膠直線反射板 x1
  8. 塑膠透明凹透鏡 x1、凸透鏡 x1
  9. 玻璃梯型深淺波折射板 x1
  10. 鋁製干涉與繞射水波阻擋器 x1
  11. 信號線 x2


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