Resonance Apparatus

Item no.: F04a Description Use sonic to make standing wave in the air column, measuring the effective propagation velocity  of sound or measuring with tuning fork. Equipment Resonant 1-1. Aluminum triangulum x1 1-2. Aluminum square-shape column: long 100cm base, plastic safety base. 1-3. Water tank: 1,000ml translucent safety plastic cup, 1m silicone tube, metal drain. 1-4. Resonance

Resonance Tube Experiment

Item no.: F04 Introduction To survey the pipe-resonance of sound waves, a small amount of tiny Styrofoam balls is uniformly deposited in the transparent horizontal tube initially. And then related wave patterns of specific frequency, emitted from the loud-speaker, might be generated by regulating frequency-function generator. Just for sound resonance inside half open and half-closed

Standing Waves & Resonance

Item no.: F15 Introduction In nature, waves could be generalized into three major types, that is, mechanical wave, electromagnetic wave and matter wave. While compare to these wave styles the existence of mechanical wave, such as the photographs of spring, metal ring and mass-spring system demonstrated, is obvious much easier to be acknowledged. Especially, the