Resonance Tube Experiment

F04氣柱 F04氣柱-特寫2 F04氣柱-特寫1

Item no.: F04


To survey the pipe-resonance of sound waves, a small amount of tiny Styrofoam balls is uniformly deposited in the transparent horizontal tube initially. And then related wave patterns of specific frequency, emitted from the loud-speaker, might be generated by regulating frequency-function generator. Just for sound resonance inside half open and half-closed pipe are concerned, an incident sound wave released from the speaker will be interfered by the traveling wave reflected from the end of pipe. As both identical but opposite-sign waves collide, the resonance of standing wave, through the superposition of wave packets, will be developed out if proper frequency is well-defined by function generator. Thus the resultant graphic profile could be easily visualized by the separated group of Styrofoam balls distributed inside the pipe. That will also lead the user to understand the characteristic of standing wave such as the accessed wavelength, fluctuated amplitude corresponding to individual resonance frequency.

  1. As the resonance occurs in open or closed pipe, the experienced nodes and antinodes of standing waves might be determined from the experiment as well as theory.
  2. View from the ripple pattern, the crest and trough existing at sound wave profile will be characterized.
  3. Base on the measured wavelength, the traveling velocity of sound wave could be calculated.
  4. With the fallouts accessed from experiment, the discrepancy of resonance- formations for open and closed pipe will be investigated
Experiment—Standing wave in closed pipe

This experiment is designed to investigate the standing waves in closed pipe. When the released sound wave is interfered with the wave reflected off the end of closed tube, the standing waves might occur due to the superposition of identical waves with opposite sign. By way of the envelope of Styrofoam balls, user can characterize its formation and characteristic.

  1. 開管、閉管駐波波長
  2. 由駐波段數推測聲數
  1. 音源信號產生器 x1
  2. 共振管與揚聲器組 x1
  3. 細保麗龍珠一包
  4. RCA信號線 x1


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