Specific Heat, Equivalent of heat and Thermal Expansion


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Heat is a transient process of energy transferred or induced from temperature difference or phase change. As the heat is input into and assorted by metal material, the rising temperature of substance will depend on the heat amount, material mass and heat capacity.

  1. Specific heat of metal
  2. Electrical equivalent of heat
  3. Thermal expansion of metal
Experiment—specific heat

The specific heat of material is defined as the heat Q required to change a unit temperature of per unit mass. Here the relative formula might be developed as.

Experiment—Coefficient of linear expansion

Proportionality constant (coefficient of linear expansion) , a given material under normal working temperature, is defined a the difference rate of length for per increment of temperature and which is given below. ΔL=αL(T1 – T0)

Experiment—Electrical equivalent of heat

In this experiment, equivalent heat Q converted from the mechanic work electric energy IVt, will be used to induce the temperature-variation of system. Here relevant formula will be given below.



  1. 金屬比熱
  2. 線膨脹
  3. 電熱功當量


  1. 智慧型雙組溫度計
  2. 鋁製實驗平台
  3. 熱膨脹待測金屬棒(黃銅、不鏽鋼、合金鋁棒直徑6mm,500mm)
  4. 百分錶含固定鋁製滑塊
  5. 金屬棒加熱器
  6. 待測金屬棒一端延伸阻擋器
  7. 熱量計附電熱線
  8. 比熱用待測金屬(黃銅、不鏽鐵、合金鋁)



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