Universal Law for Idea Gas

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To survey fundamental thermodynamics, experiment kit of thermal engine, build-in-piston and gas cylinder, is developed to investigate the relationship among gas pressure, volume and temperature. Here the essential experiments including Boyle’s law, Charles, Gay-Lussac’s law, combined gas law, as well as Carnot cycle will be performed in this subject. Through thermal expansion or compression, work done accessed from heat engine cycle, operated in closed thermodynamic system, could be determined.

  1. In this subject, ideal gas, used as a working medium, will be taken into account. Here the magnitude of pressure multiplied by volume will remains constant under the isothermal process. And a linear proportionality between volume occupied and thermal temperature will exist if iso-bar process is embarked. In addition, a linear relation for ideal gas pressure vs. thermal temperature is found to be followed for constant volume held.
  2. Examine the reversibility of Carnot Cycle.
Experiment—Carnot cycle

The objective of this experiment is to establish a reversible gas power- cycle system. Here the work diagram, constituted by four p-v process, indicates a net work done/cycle (area bounded by the work diagram), and each might be estimated from the variation of gas pressure (p) with volume.

Experiment—Boyle’s law

Through isothermal expansion performed by thermal engine, gas pressure varying with volumetric expansion could be formulated by pressure sensor, which will be used to examine the suitability of Boyle’s law. From the equation: pV = k

Experiment—Charles and Gay-Lussac’s law

Through isobar expansion achieved by thermal engine, the relation of gas volumetric expansion varying with working temperature could be determined by thermometer, which will be used to examine the suitability of Charles and Gay-Lussac’s law. V = bT

  1. 驗證波義耳定律
  2. 驗證查理定律
  3. 驗證聯合氣體定律
  4. 演示卡諾循環
  1. 熱機模型 x1
  2. 鋁製氣瓶 x1
  3. 塑膠水桶3公升 x2
  4. U 型鐵架含不鏽鋼支架60cm x1
  5. 砝碼100g x2
  6. 平衡砝碼35g x1
  7. 十字形鋁夾 x1
  8. 矽管50cm長 x1
  9. 矽管7cm長 x1
  10. 矽管轉接塑膠管15cm長 x1
  11. 選購或自備品 – 電腦數據擷取器x1、氣壓感測器x1、溫度感測器x1、轉動感測器 x1


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