Semiconductor Series–LPCVD

LPCVD is to deposit a stable solid film with atmospheric compounds’ reaction on substrate surface under low pressure and heating. As the average free travel and diffusion coefficient of gases particles are high due to low working pressure, productivity can be enhanced by compact substrate loading thus to obtain high uniformity film. LPCVD is used to deposit multiple films of Poly-Si, Si3N4, SiO2, phosphor silicate glass, boron-phosphor silicate glass, n-poly and refractory metal etc. LPCVD is widely applied in manufacturing processes of semiconductor ICs, electrics & electronics, photoelectron and MEMS industry.

Features of equipment

  • With automatically control of processing time, temperature, gas flow, valves, reaction chamber pressure.
  • With imported pressure control system, closed-loop, stability.
  • With stainless steel pipe, valves, guarantee the hermetic of gas system.
  • With alarm and interlock function.
  • With reasonable HML/PC and flexible processing function.