Semiconductor Series–ICP

Performance and Features

  • The equipment is stable and reliable, mainly used in the semiconductor manufacturing process of the medium etching, silicon etching and metal etching. The system also can be using in solar cell RIE(Reactive Ion Etching) process.
  • The substrate size: 2-8 inch.
  • The equipment uses the mature technology of the semiconductor etching process to control the plasma uniformity in the chamber,suitable for various materials.
  • The equipment uses the modular design, which includes the Process Module and the Transfer Module. The plasma is generated at the top of the substrate, when the substrate is etched in the Process Module. The Transfer Module can transfer the substrate between the Transfer Module and the Process Module by a vacuum robot, with high security interlock. The transmission mode can be selected according to customer requirements.
  • Operation mode: Full Automatic / Semi Automatic
  • Main applications: semiconductor chips, TFT devices, film integrated image, solar cells, silver nano-materials, grapheme materials and other new materials.