Custom Equipment-E-Beam

  Product  Introduction Widely used in volume production of semiconductor and LED, and meet the process requirements of uniform film deposition on aluminum, titanium, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, silver and indium and oxides such as ITO etc.. Structure The product range consists of EB-500, EB-700, EB-900. The system includes evaporation chamber, rotating substrate frame, light-heating system, electron

Semiconductor Series–ICP

Performance and Features The equipment is stable and reliable, mainly used in the semiconductor manufacturing process of the medium etching, silicon etching and metal etching. The system also can be using in solar cell RIE(Reactive Ion Etching) process. The substrate size: 2-8 inch. The equipment uses the mature technology of the semiconductor etching process to control

Semiconductor Series–LPCVD

LPCVD is to deposit a stable solid film with atmospheric compounds’ reaction on substrate surface under low pressure and heating. As the average free travel and diffusion coefficient of gases particles are high due to low working pressure, productivity can be enhanced by compact substrate loading thus to obtain high uniformity film. LPCVD is used

Diffusion Furnace

Closed Tube & Soft Landing Diffusion Furnace Product  Introduction: Close-tube phosphorus diffusion、Boron diffusion, with exhaust gas, expelled from pipe collector and cooler. And various process gases inject into tube separately and spraying. The chose-tube diffusion process is completely free from outside interference with full protection on process quality; Automatic temperature and process control, and all


Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition Description Full automatic controlon process time, temperature, air flow, valve action, reaction chamber pressure by industrial PC; Imported close-loop pressure control system with high reliability; Imported erosion-proof stainless steel fittings and valves ensuring bubble tight-ness of pneumatic system; Perfect alarm and safe interlock devices; Alarm for over-/less-temperature, MFC, reaction chamber pressure,