The Measurement of Wavelength Spectrum on Grating Observation

F23應用光柵觀察光譜與測量波長 F23應用光柵觀察光譜與測量波長-特寫

Item no.: F23


In general, light spectrum could be classified into discrete spectrum
and continuous spectrum. However, both absorption and emission are the main typical pattern for discrete spectrum. Unlike the discrete way mentioned above, typical continuous spectrum, in this experiment, will be investigated. Here a slice with 500line / mm grate will be used to observe the spectrum from incandescent lamps, sunlight and candles (experimental mechanism as shown in Fig.1). While the below condition is subjected, the wavelength of first order bright fringe (bright line spectrum) emitted from mercury-containing fluorescent lamps and LED lamps could be accessed as you view from the grating, whose corresponding intensity will be displayed in Fig.2. Symbols d, l, s individually designate the grating spacing, half width of first order bright line and the distance from light source to grating.

  1. Observation of continuous spectrum from incandescent lamp
  2. Determination the wavelength of emission spectrum from fluorescent lamp
  1. 測量可見光範圍
  2. 測量汞燈光譜各明線波長
  1. 鋁製實驗平台
  2. 光柵片
  3. 光柵片固定架
  4. 光源座、遮光板及鋁製觀測米尺組
  5. 不鏽鋼棒
  6. 鋁製滑塊
  7. 光源組
    1. 白熾燈
    2. 含汞省電燈泡


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