Geometrical Optics, and Interference

F10光學 F10光學-3.狹縫干涉繞射-特寫2 F10光學-2.薄透鏡面鏡-特寫2 F10光學-2.薄透鏡面鏡-特寫1 F10光學-1.幾何光學-特寫1

Item no.: F10


As we know, optics is very influential in everyday lives i.e., various colorful objects, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning,
will be captured promptly. Maybe that is primarily attributed to different wavelengths of lights, reflected off objects, irradiated into eyes. Base on it, camera works might be carried out and developed. That means light rays from an object will pass through the lens of the camera and get recorded on a film. This experimental kit is designed to familiarize the user with the properties of geometrical optics and physical optics by observing light of different wavelength, reflection, refraction, interference, etc.

  1. Propagation of light.
  2. Colors–Additive and subtractive mixing of colors.
  3. Mirrors–Determine the focal length of images on concave or convex mirror.
  4. Lenses–Determine the focal length of images on concave or convex lens.
  5. Prism–Deviation and invertion from refraction.
  6. Snell’s Law–Determining the refractive index from rectangular lens or refraction tank.
  7. Wave optics–Compare the single slit, double slit and multiple slit, and determine the wave length of laser light source.
  1. Easy to use measuring tape on the optical bench will be beneficent to the experimental performance.
  2. Magnetic accessories are designed for effective demonstration.
  3. Record data on the bench could be easily accessed by varying the position of displaying screen.
  4. Laser generator on the micro-scale adjustment will help effective demonstration.


  1. 光的三原色的加法與減法混色現象
  2. 面鏡成像與焦距 – 凹面鏡、凸面鏡
  3. 透鏡成像與焦距 – 凹透鏡、凸透鏡
  4. 以壓克力磚或水槽驗證司乃耳定律
  5. 波動光學 – 單縫繞射、雙縫干涉、多縫干涉
  1. 鋁製實驗平台 x1
  2. 繞射光學模組:
    1. 紅光半導體體雷射光源 x1
    2. 雷射光源三向調整器(附滑座)x1
    3. 八段旋轉式狹縫片組(附滑座) x1
    4. 狹縫測試片:
    5. 單縫:a=0.05mm
    6. 單縫:a=0.1mm
    7. 單縫 : a=0.2mm
    8. 雙縫:a=0.05mm / d=0.25mm
    9. 雙縫:a=0.05mm / d=0.5mm
    10. 雙縫:a=0.1mm / d=0.5mm
    11. 五縫 : a=0.05mm / d=0.25mm
    12. 光柵:33 lines/mm
    13. 微調式雷射光點投影屏(附滑座) x1
  3. 薄透鏡與面鏡光學測量模組x1
      1. LED光源與電源組(附滑座)x1
      2. 十字矢型孔含紅色濾光片 x1
      3. 凹面鏡 Φ:50mm  f:+140mm x1
      4. 凸面鏡Φ:50mm  f: – 115mm x1
      5. 凹透鏡Φ:50mm  f:-95mm x1
      6. 凸透鏡Φ:50mm  f:+ 140mm x1  f:+ 95mm x1
      7. 白色投影屏x1
      8. 鏡片及影屏固定滑座 x4
  4. 色光與柱面鏡演示光學模組 x1
    1. 多功能光學實驗箱(附磁)x1
    2. 壓克力鏡片組(附磁)x1
    3. 塑膠遮光光柵組x1
    4. 七種顏色塑膠反光片組 x1
    5. 七種波長塑膠濾光片組 x1
    6. 幾何光學演示座標紙x1及吸附磁鐵x4


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