Demonstration of angular momentum conservation

160325角動量實驗(旋轉椅、輪胎、啞鈴)05 160325角動量實驗(旋轉椅、輪胎、啞鈴)08 160325角動量實驗(旋轉椅、輪胎、啞鈴)07 160325角動量實驗(旋轉椅、輪胎、啞鈴)06

Item no.: F11d


  1. Spin with one’s arms extended, then moving the arms closer to the body.This motion results in an increase of the speed with which the skater rotates increases.
  2. Holding a spinning bicycle wheel on a rotating chair. The person then turns over the bicycle wheel, causing it to rotate in an opposite direction.
  3. Put a spinning bicycle on the floor, spinning chair or cart to the perpendicular, the central of bicycle will keep holding up which showing inertia of rotating.
  4. Hanging one side of spinning bicycle, causing it in precession direction.


  1. Bicycle wheel gyroscope: diameter 65cm, aluminum frame with tire, the central with 2 aluminum handle that can use rope to hang up, rope.
  2. Rotating stool: diameter 34cm / hight 4cm of EVA chair, diameter 5cm / long 53cm of column, outside with semicircular safety mats made by metal, diameter 65cm aluminum legs with plastic slip mats, weight 10kg.
  3. Dumbbells: 6lbs plastic safety covered x 2.

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