TESS beginner Applied Sciences set Heat for age 6-11

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Item no.: 15235-88

Function and Applications

Set for student experiments, especially suitable for teaching of natural sciences in primary school and early secondary school.
13 experiments described:

  • Temperature sense of the skin
  • Thermal expansion of air and water
  • Thermal expansion of air and spirit
  • Calibration of a thermometer
  • Temperature measurement
  • Temperature of mixtures
  • Heat insulation by wool
  • Heat insulation by air (feather)
  • Heat insulation by styrofoam
  • Heat of evaporation of water
  • Evaporation of spirit
  • Depression of melting point by salt
  • Ice floats, maximum of density of water at 4°C

Equipment and technical data

  • Contains all necessary materials and description in a sturdy storage.
  • Included german handbook in color, DIN A5, ring binder.
  • Additional set for demonstration experiments and handbook with hints for teachers available.



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