TESS advanced Physics set Radioactivity for age 11-16


Item no.: 15261-88

Function and Applications
Equipmentic set allowing the performance of 11 experiments about the following topics:

  • Examination of naturally occurring radioactive substances (5 Experiments)
  • Types of radiation and their characteristics (6 Experiments)


  • Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
  • The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
  • Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered
  • Experiments on the fundamentals of radioactivity using only common available natural radioactive sources
  • Special radioactive emitter only required for 4 advanced experiments
  • Counter tube with a large diameter to increase the sensitivity is an integral part of the set
  • Measurements are made with the kit contained Cobra4 Mobile-Link with the option to save data (data logger) or to transfer to a PC (interface)
  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using the interactive experimentation software interTESS

Equipment and technical data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
  • Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment

Necessary accessories

  • TESS advanced Radioactivity RE consumables for 10 groups (13469-88)

Optional accessories

  • interTESS DVD, complete version with all experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences (01100-00)
  • interTESS DVD Physics, Radioactivity experiments only (01057-00)
  • TESS advanced Physics Radioactivity RE optional accessory for 1 group (13490-88)
    needed for 4 experiments to advanced topics (types of radiation)



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