Coupled resonant circuits

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Item no.: P2450201


The Q factor of oscillating circuits is determined from the band width and by the Pauli method. In inductively coupled circuits (band-pass filters) the coupling factor is determined as a function of the coil spacing.


  1. Determine the dissipation factor t and k and the quality factor Q from the band width of oscillating circuits.
  2. Determine the dissipation factor and Q factor of oscillating circuits from the resonant frequency , the capacitance Ctot and the parallel conductance Gp by the Pauli method.
  3. Determine the coupling factor k and the band width of a band-pass filter as a function of the coil spacing s.
  4. Analyse and verify the measurements using the measure analysis software.

What you can learn about

  • Resonance
  • Q factor
  • Dissipation factor
  • Bandwidth
  • Critical or optimum coupling
  • Characteristic impedance
  • Pauli method
  • Parallel conductance
  • Band-pass filter
  • Sweep