Fundamental Electricity and Electronics

F06電學電子學 F06電學電子學-特寫3 F06電學電子學-特寫4 F06電學電子學-特寫2 F06電學電子學-特寫1

Item no.: F06


Just for the twentieth century, the electricity, widely used for a variety of applications, has played a significant role in our daily life. In this experimental kit, students could learn how to constitute circuit loop without breadboard needed, which makes the experiment undertaken easily. In addition, teacher’s demonstration on teaching board will become effective using test component enclosed by transparent block whose back is designed to be attached with magnet. Thus the user could instantly check the working state of electrical component inside the box and change it if necessary. This experiment is designed to familiarize the user with the concept of resistance, current, voltage, and basic properties of the transistor.

  1. Base on the measurement of voltage, current and resistance, Ohm’s Law might be examined.
  2. Using Kirchhoff’s Law to study current or voltage induced in multiple loop.
  3. Referred to Wheatstone bridges circuit- resistance is measured.
  4. Study the properties of diode and its working performance.
  5. Study the properties of PNP and its I-V characteristic curve.
  6. Study the gain value of PNP.
  7. Study PNP resistor’s I-V curve
  1. Multiple experments regarding the electric circuit might be quickly constituted, which the breadboard is no longer needed inside selfdesigned box.
  2. Teaching demonstration on classroom board of magnetism-adherence will provide students an advantage in subgrouped experiment.
  3. With the special design of experimental box made of transparent plastic, the diorder component might be replaced through the perspective view of circuit embeded.
Experiment—Ohm’s Law

As the voltage V is subjected to both ends of a conductor, the current I, inversely proportional to the resistance R, will be induced. That means V = IR

Experiment—the properties of diodes measurement

This experiment is designed to measure the current of diode under bias specified. A closed circuit will present if forward bias is enforced, and induced current will be cut off if the reverse bias is operated.

  1. 歐姆定律實驗
  2. 克希荷夫定律實驗
  3. 惠司同電橋實驗
  4. 二極體的I-V特性曲線測量
  5. PNP電晶體IC-VEB特性曲線測量
  6. PNP電晶體電流增益β值測量
  7. NPN電晶體IC-VCE特性曲線測量
  1. 導線 Ιx9, Γx7, Τx5
  2. 電流計接線盒x3 , 電壓計接線盒x1
  3. ON/OFF開關x1
  4. 直流電源接線盒x2
  5. PNP電晶體x1
  6. NPN 電晶體 x1
  7. 二極體x1
  8. 待測電阻器x1
  9. 電阻器10.2/29.5/47.3/80.9/100.5Ω x2
  10. 電阻器1.2/2.4/3.5/5.8/8.5 Ω x1
  11. 電阻器 47Ω x1
  12. 電阻器 10KΩ x1
  13. 可變電阻器 1K x2
  14. 簡式惠斯登電橋 x1
  15. DC電池盒 1.5V/3.0V/4.5V/6.0V/7.5V/9.0V x2
  16. 三用電錶x3
  17. 連接導線x6
  18. 短跳線 x3


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