Resonant system

Item no.: XWV550010 Description This original apparatus gives students a modern approach to a fascinating topic with great scope for imaginative research. An acrylic base unit supports a steel strip which is loaded at the top with a detachable brass weight. An electromagnetic drive coil, connected to a standard laboratory signal generator can cause the strip

Bridge Rectifier System

Item no.: XEC180010 Description A must for the effective demonstration of this important circuit. This unit contains a bridge rectifier circuit with LEDs showing which diodes are conducting during each half cycle of the a.c. supply. The clear front panel label shows the current path at each stage through the on-board load resistor. In addition there is


Item no.: 078 TIAC Computer Controlled Acoustic Impedance Tube/Acoustic Insulation Test Unit TDRC Computer Controlled Noise Control Demonstration Unit TEVC Computer Controlled Ventilation Trainer TCMC Computer Controlled Thermal Conductivity of Building and Insulating Materials Unit TSCAC Computer Controlled Air Duct Systems Unit    

Nexa® Training System

Item no.:793 The Nexa® Training system conveys advanced know-how in the dimensioning and hybridization of fuel cell energy systems and can also be used as a power system for research. Students can design and simulate fuel cell energy systems towards specific load profiles on the basis of the system’s industrial components. Fuel Cell module, hydrogen