Item no.: 078 TIAC Computer Controlled Acoustic Impedance Tube/Acoustic Insulation Test Unit TDRC Computer Controlled Noise Control Demonstration Unit TEVC Computer Controlled Ventilation Trainer TCMC Computer Controlled Thermal Conductivity of Building and Insulating Materials Unit TSCAC Computer Controlled Air Duct Systems Unit    

General Strength of Materials

Item no.: 0751 EEFC Computer Controlled Fatigue Testing Unit EEF Fatigue Testing Unit EEU/20KN Universal Material Testing Unit-20KN EEFCR Creep Testing Unit EEICI Charpy and Izod Impact Testing Unit EEDB Brinell Hardness Testing Unit EBVR Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell Hardness Testing Unit MVV Unsymmetrical Cantilever Unit MUP Universal Buckling Unit MTP Twist and Bend Machine MFV Beam Deflection Unit MTB Torsion Unit MFLT Strut Buckling Unit MVS Suspension


Item no.: 0725 MEER Whirling of Shafts Unit MVCC Computer Controlled Critical Speed Investigation Unit MBMRC Computer Controlled Balance of Reciprocating Masses Unit MEAL Cam Analysis Unit MTSF Worm and Wheel Unit MMEL Winch Mechanism MRYE 1 Wheel and Axle Unit MRYE 2 Wheel and Differential Axle Unit MVRE Vibration of Spiral Spring Unit MDFC Coriolis Force Demonstration Unit MFCE Centrifugal Force Unit MGI Gyroscope