‘Leslies’ Radiation Plate

Item no.: XHE045010 Description This apparatus allows the demonstration of the dramatic differences in radiated heat from various surfaces. Being electrically heated it is more convenient than some of the more conventional methods involving water or Bunsen flames. The apparatus contains a single aluminium plate divided into 3 different regions: a matt black section, a polished

Rubens Tube

Item no.: XWV830010 Description A truly exciting way to show the effect of sound waves in action the Rubens Tube really brings the topic to life in a way the students will never forget. The robust stainless steel welded construction means trouble free operation for many many years. The unit is shipped with full instructions and

Barton’s Pendulum

Item no.: XWV800010 Description Barton’s pendulums is a well known resonance effect but usually difficult to set up and store. This apparatus stores flat and can be quickly unfolded to show the resonance between similar length pendulums. Once the demonstration is over it can be closed up again to safely store the pendulum arrangement until required

Space Tube

Item no.: XWV690010 Description A modern replacement for the Bell in a Bell Jar Apparatus. A 90mm diameter acrylic tube houses a battery-operated, high output piezo sounder. When the end plates are attached and the unit connected to a vaccuum pump no sound can be heard but the sound returns when the air is allowed back

Fibre Optic System

Item no.: XOP850011 Description This set provides a rugged, self-contained system for demonstrating and using a fibre optic communications link. The transmitter offers a choice of modulation – a variable frequency audio tone and a 250 kHz square wave for speed of light investigations. The receiver contains a user variable gain amplifier with integral loudspeaker as

LED Stroboscope

Item no.: XLM210010 Description The Lascells LED stroboscope is a compact microcontroller timed strobe lamp suitable for prolonged operation. The lamp is a bright 1100lm 20W LED and is separate to the control unit on a 1.2m lead. The lamp can be held in a clamp or positioned on the bench in the most convenient position. Frequencies in the range

Spectral Source

Item no.: SPE410011 Description This unique unit has been specially developed to provide a varied range of light sources for examination by spectrometers. Various monochromatic LEDs are available together with a full set of transmission filters which can be used with the tungsten filament lamp. Compare yellow filter with yellow LED; examine the wavelength distribution from a white LED;


Item no.: XOP940010 Description This latest apparatus from Lascells provides teachers with a fully self-contained apparatus for demonstrating the mixing of coloured lights to produce secondary colours (and white) in the traditional three-circle pattern. High-intensity LEDs provide the pure spectral light sources and they are contained in a stylish enclosure with front aperture to permit projection of

Polaroid Analyser

Item no.: XOP590010 Description This simple apparatus allows students to experience the ideas behind polarization stress analysis. A pair of crossed Polaroid sheets measuring 50 × 70mm each are supported on an acrylic handle. Two special plastic shapes are provided for insertion between the polarisers so that stress lines can be seen when various forces are


Item no.: XOP870010 Description Polarimetry is a rewarding field of study in any Post-16 course to explore the applications of polarised light. This student polarimeter uses a monochromatic yellow LED light source and simplified construction to make the topic available for study in any laboratory. A 10cm long specimen tube contains the sugar solution under test and this