Resonance Apparatus

Item no.: F04a Description Use sonic to make standing wave in the air column, measuring the effective propagation velocity  of sound or measuring with tuning fork. Equipment Resonant 1-1. Aluminum triangulum x1 1-2. Aluminum square-shape column: long 100cm base, plastic safety base. 1-3. Water tank: 1,000ml translucent safety plastic cup, 1m silicone tube, metal drain. 1-4. Resonance

Joly bulb digital

Item no.: XPG290012 Description • High Sensitivity • SI Unit readout • Reliable Data Visually and effectively demonstrate the relationship between temperature and pressure with this new Joly Bulb. The Digital Joly Bulb is the perfect alternative to the traditional bulb and analogue gauge, pressures can be read directly from the built in digital display and

Boyles Law Digital Apparatus

Item no.: XPG300010 Description The Digital Boyle’s Law Apparatus provides a self contained, reliable and simple way of demonstrating Boyle’s Law. The volume may be reduced or increased by means of a 2.5mm syringe connected to a digital pressure sensor. The sensor output is calibrated to display the pressure in kPa on the easy to read

Revolution psu precision variable

Item no.: RVN020010 Description Now refreshed and updated but still offering the same precision full specification power supply for the school laboratory with unrivalled advantages in terms of design and electrical specification. Up to 8A DC, switched or variable but, most importantly, constant, regulated DC voltage regardless of load. Combine this with a simple to adjust

Lost Volts Apparatus

Item no.: XLE110010 Description • Simple to Use • No Confusion • Reliable Data This ‘Lost Volts’ apparatus provides a convenient solution for experimentally determining the internal resistance and the EMF of a cell. The unit requires connection to a 6V DC source of EMF, a voltmeter and an ammeter (these are not supplied but there

Ripple tank mini

Item no.: XWV590012 Description • Self Contained • Easy Set up • Saves Time New and updated for 2015. This compact unit provides an elegant method of demonstrating the wave phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference with none of the setting-up problems usually associated with ripple tanks. The concept has been further developed to offer

Resonant system

Item no.: XWV550010 Description This original apparatus gives students a modern approach to a fascinating topic with great scope for imaginative research. An acrylic base unit supports a steel strip which is loaded at the top with a detachable brass weight. An electromagnetic drive coil, connected to a standard laboratory signal generator can cause the strip

Modulo 1

Item no.: XWV640011 Description This unique device provides a demonstration of Frequency and Amplitude Modulation in radio communications. The unit generates a 10kHz carrier wave and accepts a modulation input from any signal generator source which would be typically in the 500Hz region. A simple switch applies the input to the carrier wave as either FM

Velocity of Sound Apparatus

Item no.: XWV810010 Description This dual purpose apparatus provides a compact facility for the measurement of the velocity of sound in air and also for the analysis of standing waves. It requires an audio signal generator and a dual beam oscilloscope with power being provided by a PP3 9V battery. To make a direct measurement of