Resonant system


Item no.: XWV550010

This original apparatus gives students a modern approach to a fascinating topic with great scope for imaginative research. An acrylic base unit supports a steel strip which is loaded at the top with a detachable brass weight. An electromagnetic drive coil, connected to a standard laboratory signal generator can cause the strip to vibrate in various modes. A bimorph, piezo-electric transducer, bonded to the blade, detects the amplitude of the vibration when its output is monitored on a CRO. Students can study the amplitude of vibration and resonance as a function of drive frequency. In addition, there is a mechanical damping system provided by a thin aluminium vane moving in a small vessel containing water. The amount of damping is controlled by the depth of water used. The effect of damping on resonance can be studied. Post-16.
• Observe resonance as the frequency of vibration is altered
• Investigate the effects of damping on an oscillating system

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