Magic Carpet (Hovercraft)


Item no.: XMC940020


Magic Carpet
A 115cm diameter MDF base is fitted with a tough vinyl underskirt, non-slip upper surface, sturdy support handles and PVC rim buffer to provide a hovercraft platform which can easily support a student or adult in a ‘friction free’ environment. The hovercraft can be powered by the High Powered Blower (XDS 170 050) or by a battery powered leaf-blower which has the advantage of no mains cable but limited time, typically 15min max per charge. The High Powered Blower includes all hoses and adaptors required. If the Leaf Blower option is chosen the hose and adaptor pack should be purchased as well.
As featured in the Science SillyBus Show.

Magic Carpet Battery Leaf Blower
The Magic Carpet (Hovercraft) can be powered by a portable battery blower to give independence from the mains and more flexibility in applications. This unit comes complete with two rechargeable batteries and mains battery charger. It requires the Accessory Pack if the hose and adaptor from the High Powered Blower are not available. Run time is approximately 10–20 minutes per charge.
Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 500mm approx
Mass: 5kg incl. batteries and charger

Magic Carpet Accessory Pack
This pack provides the hose and adaptor required to link the battery powered Leaf Blower (XMC 940 500) to the Magic Carpet Hovercraft. If the High Powered Blower (XDS 170 050) has been purchased, this pack is not required.
Dimensions: 3m x 40mm diameter
Mass: 1.2kg

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