Comparison of the heat capacities of water & soil with Cobra4

螢幕截圖 2016-04-05 14.17.35 螢幕截圖 2016-04-05 14.17.47 螢幕截圖 2016-04-05 14.18.05 螢幕截圖 2016-03-15 10.10.24  螢幕截圖 2016-03-15 10.08.17

Item no.: P4100160


These measurements help to quickly and simply introduce the term “heat capacity”. The students learn on which characteristics temperature changes of surfaces depend. As practical example, reference can always be made here to the hot sand at the seaside.


  1. To prepare comparison curves showing the different heat capacities of water and land.
  2. To interpret data on climate and to explain how onshore and offshore wind originate.

What you can learn about

  • Heat capacity
  • Heat radiation
  • Origin of climatic fluctuations
  • Generation of onshore and offshore winds



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