TESS beginner Applied Sciences set Senses for age 6-11

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Item no.: 15241-88

Function and Applications

Set for student experiments, especially suitable for teaching of natural sciences in primary school and early secondary school.

15 experiments are described:

  • The tongue in the mirror
  • Teamwork: how nose and tongue provide for taste
  • A matter of taste: where does one taste what?
  • Investigating skin
  • Sense of touch
  • Warm and cold
  • Sound waves
  • Music
  • Orientation in space
  • A view at the eye
  • Close and far
  • Candle on its head
  • The blind spot
  • Two eyes see more than one
  • Optical illusions

Equipment and technical data

  • Contains all necessary materials and description in a sturdy storage box with formed foam padding
  • Digital manual on CD (Languages: English, French, German)
  • Additional set for demonstration experiments and handbook with hints for teachers available.



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