Fine structure of the alpha spectrum of Am-241 with MCA/ alpha spectroscopy

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Item no.: P2522215


The alpha-spectrum of an open 241Am-emitter is measured with a semiconductor a-detector. In connection with a multi channel analyzer the main parts of the spectrum are investigated.


  1. The spectrum of an uncovered 241Am-emitter is recorded with the multi channel analyzer. The energies of the two peaks preceding the principal peak are calculated. The principal peak, corresponding to a particle energy of 5.486 MeV, is used for calibration purposes.
  2. The resolution capacity of the measurement layout is measured from the half-life width of the principal peak.


What you can learn about

  • Energy level diagram (decay diagram)
  • Transition probability
  • Excited nuclear states
  • γ-emission
  • Connection between the fine structure of the α-spectrum and the accompanying γ-spectrum

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