X-ray investigation of crystal structures / Laue method with digital X-ray image sensor(XRIS)

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Item no.: P2541602


Laue diagrams are produced when monocrystals are irradiated with polychromatic X-rays. This method is primarily used for the determination of crystal symmetries and the orientation of crystals. When a LiF monocrystal is irradiated with polychromatic X-rays, a characteristic diffraction pattern results. This pattern is photographed with the digital X-ray sensor XRIS.


  1. The Laue diffraction of an LiF monocrystal is to be recorded with the aid of the digital X-ray sensor.
  2. The Miller indices of the corresponding crystal surfaces are to be assigned to the Laue reflections.

What you can learn about

  • Crystal lattices
  • Crystal systems
  • Crystal classes
  • Bravais lattice
  • Reciprocal lattice
  • Miller indices
  • Structure amplitude
  • Atomic form factor
  • The Bragg equation

Software included. Computer not provided.

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