Fuel Cell Trainer

Fuel Cell Trainer (1)

Item no.: 541908

Heliocentris’s Fuel Cell Trainer is ideal for teaching the basic engineering principles of PEM fuel cell systems.  The Instructor is ideal for the teaching requirements of universities and vocational schools.  With the modular training system system, which includes numerous prepared experiments, students and trainees can examine the design and functions of a real fuel cell system.  The system is especially impressive due to its exceptional transparency.  And the Instructor is designed for maximum technical safety.  Developed especially for educational purposes, the system is designed for safe and easy operation also by inexperienced persons.


All components of the fuel cell system are displayed individually.  Integrated displays for operating parameters support the instruction.  The Fuel Cell Trainer modularity allows to easily adapt the difficulty level.  The system can be operated by inexperienced users.  The included software enables computer aided measuring and experimentation.


The system is suitable for lectures and practicums in diverse fields of study and occupations, such as:
• Electrical engineering
• Energy engineering
• Process engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Automotive engineering


With the Instructor you teach the engineering principles of a fuel cell system, in addition to advanced knowledge of the overall relationships of the system:
• Structure and functioning principle
• Thermodynamics
• Characteristic curves and efficiency ratings
• System and power electronics


Fuel Cell Trainer Key Features
• New design for better teaching of engineering subjects
• USB interface for easy plug-and-play installation
• Improved instruction material for teachers and students
• New experimentation software and measurement data acquisition
• New quick guides for a fast introduction to the experiment setups and functions


Fuel Cell Trainer Experiment Examples
• Characteristic curves and efficiency curves
• Dependence of output on temperature and air supply
• Hydrogen/ current Characteristic curve
• Efficiency of the fuel cell stack
• System efficiency of a fuel cell system
• Interdependent power supply and working range of a fuel cell
• Sample application for fuel cell car: Fuel consumption and load profile

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