Projectile and Collision Experiment

F07拋體-特寫1 F07拋體-特寫2 F07拋體-特寫3 F07拋體-特寫4

Item no.: F07


These experiment kits is designed to demonstrate the dynamic projected motion, which provides the user an useful manner to understand the conservation of mechanical energy. Here the transformation of potential/ kinetic energy in elastic/inelastic collision will be clearly discussed.
When the steel ball is jetted horizontally with three different velocities in various angles, the initial velocity can be predicted by the horizontal distance of a projected particle travels. Coupling with 2D or 3D of momentum conservation momentum conservation, the lost of kinetic energy will be converted to potential energy, and the initial velocity of a steel ball for ballistic pendulum might be computed under the consideration of perfectly elastic collision.

  1. Kinematic equation of projectile motion can be formulated.
  2. Momentum conservation of a steel ball in elastic collision can be verified.
  3. With conservation of momentum and mechanical energy for perfectly elastic collision, the initial velocity of a ballistic pendulum in can be computed.
Experiment—Elastic collision

As elastic collision between two balls is assumed, the momentum conservation will be satisfied during the collision process.


  1. 拋體運動實驗 – 水平拋射、斜向拋射
  2. 彈性碰撞實驗 – 一維彈性碰撞、二維彈性碰撞
  3. 非彈性碰撞(衝擊擺)


  1. 鋁製實驗平台 x1
  2. 完全非彈性衝擊擺錘 x1
  3. 三段發射槍 x1
  4. 一維及二維完全彈性碰撞架 x1
  5. 光電閘固定器 x1
  6. 鉛珠 16mm x 1
  7. 落珠記錄軟簿墊 x6
  8. 布尺 3m x 1
  9. 塑膠角度尺 x1
  10. 自備或選購 – 光電計時器 x1


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