Pendulum, Free Fall and Spring Harmonic Oscillation

F08直立式-特寫6 F08直立 F08直立式-特寫3

Item no.: F08


By means of air resistance (also called drag), parachute helps the pilot drift to the ground slowly and safely. That is attributed to the drag counteracting free falling initiated by gravity acceleration. To meet this purpose, a comprehensive experiment kit features several characteristic are proposed: (1) experimental gravity acceleration might be figured out using a photogate timer to measure the falling velocity of object at both different heights. (2) According to the period recorded by photogate timer and the length of pendulum, the experimental gravity acceleration can also be determined.

  1. The period of simple pendulum is measured by photogate timer in order to study the phenomena of isochronism.
  2. The velocity of free-falling object is measured by photogate timer, so the user can estimate the acceleration of gravity.
  3. The elastic coefficient of spring can be calculated on Hooke’s Law.
  1. Using magnetic adherence avoids operational error.
  2. Adjusting the length of pendulum by double screws makes periodic swing oscillation become more stable.


  1. 單擺實驗
  2. 自由落體實驗
  3. 簡諧運動
  1. 砝碼20g x 9 / 10g x 1 / 5g x 2
  2. 鋁製底座含2支可調螺絲腳墊 x1
  3. 方形擠型鋁軌含四滑槽 x1
  4. 鋁製擺長長度控制器 x1
  5. 鋁製光電閘固定滑夾 x2
  6. 實驗掛架 x1
  7. L型落體接收器 x1
  8. 細釣魚線 x1
  9. 含螺絲鋼珠 φ=25mm x1
  10. 含螺絲塑膠珠 φ=25mm x1
  11. 含螺絲鋼珠 φ=30mm x1
  12. 彈簧 1N / 2N / 3N x 3
  13. 選購或自備品 – 光電計時器 x 2、電腦數數據擷取器 x 1 、光電閘感測器 x 2


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