Newton’s Law Experiment

F02牛頓 F02牛頓-特寫2 F02牛頓-特寫1

Item no.: F02

  1. With the aid of optical timers, slider’s acceleration to verify Newton’s Second Law of Motion could be determined.
  2. Slider’s acceleration along the component of inclined plane, ‘gsinθ ‘ is found to be dependent on the inclined angle, but irrelevant to slider’s mass.
  3. Conservation of momentum in elastic and inelastic collisions. 4.Kinetic energy not conserved in inelastic collision.

The self-designed slider on aluminum track not only provides a special advantage in precision demand as well as easy-to-use characteristic, it also could be extended to force vibration, damping analysis and friction experiments if additional unit is involved.

  1. 速度實驗
  2. 加速度與牛頓第二運動定律實驗
  3. 斜面實驗
  4. 碰撞實驗
  1. 鋁製實驗平台 x1
  2. 精密力學滑車 x2
  3. 不鏽鋼棒 x4
  4. 鋁製鐵棒固定夾 x4
  5. 塑膠阻擋架,含彈性魔鬼氈吸附器 x1
  6. 塑膠彈性發射及二可吸磁之緩衝吸附架 x1
  7. 計時光電閘用三段遮光片 x2
  8. 計時光電閘用十字固定夾 x2
  9. 定滑輪 x1
  10. 細釣魚線 x1
  11. U型砝碼架 x1
  12. 砝碼組:100g x 4 / 50g x 3 / 10g x 10
  13. 水平儀 x1
  14. 選購或自備品 – 光電計時器 x2

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