Mechanics of Machinery

F01機械  F01機械-特寫3  F01機械-特寫2  F01機械-特寫1

Item no.: F01

  1. Static equilibrium forces combination, force decomposition.
  2. Torque balance- parallel force of plummet, lever experiment on the different/same side, multiple torque, wheel & axle, the center of mass& gravity.
  3. Force of inclination-maximum static friction, coefficient of static friction, coefficient of dynamical friction and pulley system.
  4. Pulley- single/double sheave pulley, the comprehensive experiment of pulley.
  5. A variety of comprehensive experiments for practical application.
  6. Hooke’s law.
  7. Single Pendulum.
  1. The board formed by one-piece plastics makes experimental device more stable and easily mounted.
  2. Some parts have strong magnets on the back in order to avoid falling off during the experiment.

Static Equilibrium— resultant forces at common point

As the force equilibrium is reached, the resultant forces acted upon a point must be equal to be zero using the method of parallel combination. Thus equation ∑ F=0 might be established.


  1.  虎克定律
  2. 靜力平衡 – 共同合力、力的分解
  3. 力矩平衡 – 鉛錘平行力、異側槓桿、同側槓桿、輪軸實驗、多重力矩
  4. 質心與重心
  5. 斜面 – 最大靜力摩擦、靜摩擦係數、動摩擦係數、滑車實驗
  6.  滑輪實驗 – 單滑輪實驗(定滑輪與動滑輪)、雙滑輪實驗(動滑輪)、滑輪組綜合實驗
  7. 多重力平衡
  8. 單擺
  1. 磁性白板40 x 53cm  x1
  2. 白板用活動鋁腳 x2
  3. 砝碼組 20g x 10
  4.  U型金屬砝碼掛鉤 x3
  5. 一體成型磁性塑膠製元件掛架,底片含6片NdFeb磁鐵
  6. 鋁製槓桿長40cm,每2cm一小孔用來懸掛用 x1
  7. 摩擦用木塊 x1
  8. 塑膠穩定平衡板上含角度指示器 x1
  9. 鋁製五邊形重心測量器 x1
  10. 塑膠單滑輪 x1
  11. 塑膠雙滑輪 x1
  12. 可滾動式斜面實驗用重物153g x1
  13. 細釣魚線 x1
  14. 力平衡檢視用小鐵環 x1
  15. 力矩平衡用金屬插銷 x4
  16. 力矩平衡用金屬掛鉤 x3
  17. 力矩平衡用垂直量規 x3

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